New Public Realm and Retail

Over an acre of new public space will dramatically transform this part of Paddington and provide breathing space for the station and its surroundings.

Forming a new, revitalised entrance to Paddington Station, the existing enclosed and congested ramp will be replaced by a new public square of more than an acre, which enables passengers, pedestrians, visitors and business users to gain better access to the station, hospital, local shops and businesses in Paddington Basin.  The well-designed, elegant piazza will breathe new life into this important area, while establishing a long-deserved ‘front door’ for Brunel’s station.

Approximately 50,000 sq. ft. of high quality shops, restaurants and cafés will provide more choice for the community and Paddington Station passengers alike, adding to the already diverse dining options available locally.

We have worked closely with neighbouring St Mary’s Hospital to ensure that our proposals improve connectivity to the hospital and create a safe, more accessible environment for patients, visitors and staff.